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Foremost Grocery Store in Debra

Start buying the best quality products in the Debra area – come to Parul Traders & Logistics! Our grocery store is in charge of providing you with top quality products for you and your family can enjoy. Our stores are located in Debra but you can also find us online and contact us through our telephone number 7602985551 for any deliveries or inquires. We are proud of what we sell and we want you to enjoy the comfort of our establishment, so drop in and check it out today.

Convenient And Affordable

Our extensive product line suits nearly all of our customers. Each of our products is packaged neatly and all the details properly displayed. We take special care for our budget-conscious buyers by often offering festive discounts around the holidays. Please keep a lookout for our seasonal offers. You can buy your fruits, vegetables etc through cash, debit or credit cards. Finally, our products are fresh and comply with the local food laws.

My Products and Services

Though I own a brick and mortar grocery store, I take special care to maintain a list of my usual offerings online. For my customers visiting the store in person, I have strived to lay out all my offerings in a logical, reasonable way, whether you need it for today or in the future. The shelves are well stocked and you’ll always be able to find what you need in the shop. In case you need help, I am always within reach to assist you with your purchases.


24/7 availability
Parking available
Bike parking available
Debit & Credit cards accepted

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